There are many ways to learn, and just like our students, our tutors love to learn on YouTube! Check out some of our STEM?team?s favourite YouTube channels!

Caitlin Leahy 200BrainScoop: Hosted by a real life zoologist who is super quirky and weird and awesome. ?Her videos are short but sweet, and give an insight to her favorite things in the Field Museum of Chicago.
Ted-Ed: There is a crazy amount of variety here that goes beyond STEM! A lot of really great, short explanations for some pretty complex ideas (the neuroscience of imagination) and it answers random science-related questions (why are there so many apples). It is my go-to place for fun logic problems!
Recommended by Caitlin

keri piller portraitOur tutors are also budding YouTube stars! Check out a few of Keri?s videos as Phythagoras!

It all started with?Pythagoras. In a History of Math class at university, Keri had to do a presentation on a famous mathematician, and the idea of a powerpoint seemed boring. After sharing the Pythagoras video, she?received a lot of positive vibes, so she decided to make a video about congruent triangles. Her next video was about rational expressions and equations. Check out the epic drum solo at 2:45!

alex200-1Numberphile?/?Computerphile?/?Sixty Symbols?/?Periodic Videos: YouTube channels from Australian independent filmmaker Brady Haran. They contain?short videos about various topics in mathematics, computer science, physics and chemistry respectively.

Recommended by Alex