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Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 9.08.19 AMBe more confident with difficult concepts in class

Does that same algebra problem trip you up every time? Still trying to figure out what teachers mean when they say?write a cohesive paragraph”? Taking some time to focus on a difficult concept during the summer (when you don?t have a million other things on your plate) means you can nail the mechanics and feel confident in your skills come September!



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Get a jump on your classmates

Previewing the core skills required for a course improves your ability to absorb all that material and gives you an edge in the classroom. This is especially recommended for subjects you might have struggled in the past (Math or Socials, for example!)



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Create a system for organization

Many students get bogged down with assignments because they don?t have a plan set up ahead of time to help them organize and prioritize. Sitting down with a tutor and creating a system that works specifically for you will ensure that work is handed in, on time, and to the best of your abilities.