Yes, at BrainBoost you can take your core academics, but learning in our community is so much more than that. One of the ways we offer a more holistic learning experience is through our weekly Mini Pods. They?re an hour long, led by an educator you like, and they invite you to focus your mind on something out of the ordinary.

weavingWeaving with Keri?(Tuesdays, 12-1)

In Keri?s minipod, each?student will have a lap loom. The students will create different wall hangings, based on patterns that Keri provides and as they feel more confident, the students will start to create weaves based on their own imagination.

Come to weaving to work with your hands, experience a meditative vibe, and just hanging out. Check out Keri?s Etsy site!





philosophyPhilosophy Jr. (Thursdays 3-4) & Sr. (Wednesdays 3-4) with Markie?
Through media, case studies and a variety of other sources, the philosophy groups discuss the intricacies of our existence each week. Topics span a diverse set of ideas that span from the implications of being a sentient ape to the wide world of the unknown complexities that occupy vast swaths of outer space and the tiniest gaps of space within an atom. Spirited debates and hypothetical thought experiments often guide the discourse in this class and push all participants to venture down mental roads that haven’t been ventured before!

To get a flavor of the class check out this video on aliens talking about human life.




life labLife Lab with Michaela
(Fridays 12-1)

Though school often teaches us about the beautiful deep intricacies of a math equation or helps us develop our communication skills, there’s not as much that delves into the complexities that accompany being a homo sapien. Starting in our first month with the theme of love and transitioning through the topics that accompany the decisions we make outside of our “professional” lives, this mini pod will cover all the experiences life has to offer us. Learning the biochemical reactions of different stimuli on the brain and exploring the sociological implications of different activities on the human race as a whole will be explored in different formats each month to match the diverse topics being covered.
Check out this TED talk of “Your Brain on Love”




Yoga with Michaela
(Wednesdays 9-10)

Get over that mid-week stress by starting out with a low-stress meditation with Michaela. She’ll lead the class through calming routines that will help you recharge and finish your week with energy. Check out this list of short meditations from Mcgill University!