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We asked a few students about what Study Space is like and here is what they shared …

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?It?s a great place to chill. There?s always help, if you need help. If you don?t need help, then it?s just a quiet place to work. It?s a really nice environment. Markie is always there to check in with me to make sure I?m on task and there?s all the resources I need. It works really well because there?s people there to help. If I?m stuck at home, I can look stuff up and if I can?t find the answers online then I?m kind of hooped and there?s no really other way to find an explanation.? – Ryan


?I use Study Space a lot to do the work that I get from courses so that I don?t have to take it home. It?s an independent working space and if you need help you can just ask whoever is working there. Sometimes, I watch documentaries when I?m not feeling like I can work anymore and I can take a break. Markie finds great documentaries for me to watch!? – Jack


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?Teachers don?t always have that much time to help you outside of class, so for the people who have more individualized learning, it?s nice to have somewhere to go, outside of school, for help. It?s nice to know to know you can come somewhere and have that support!? – Simone