We’ve been offering
one-on-one instruction
since 2006

One-on-one instruction is the backbone of what we do at BrainBoost and has been since 2006. Professionals all over Vancouver refer students to our one-on-one services because of our proven results working with students who don’t fit within the box of traditional or even other alternative approaches to learning. Through our personalized services, children are supported and can begin to heal their relationship with learning as well as themselves. Often, our students go on and become lifelong learners.

At BrainBoost, there is no singular approach to one-on-one instruction. We instead pull from a variety of educational models, theories and approaches to ensure each plan is personalized, flexible and adaptive to the student’s changing needs.

Our process starts with an awareness of each student’s unique self: interests, strengths, challenges, physiology, home environment, social/emotional layers and learning goals. Our work is centred on the student as our client and we continually adjust and adapt to the student’s needs as we receive feedback from all stakeholders.

The most common feedback we receive from parents is that their children love coming to learn at BrainBoost. Among the many positive results reported, students experience: improved mood, increased feelings of confidence, rising marks, expanded learning and study skills and a newfound mastery and motivation for learning, resilience, independence and grit.

Our One-on-One services are personalized, flexible, supportive and fun!

We teach:

  • Math
  • Sciences
  • Socials Studies
  • Indigenous Studies
  • English
  • Computer Science
  • Art
  • Foods
  • Theatre
  • Languages
  • And more – from K-12 and beyond!

Our rate:

$105/115/125 per hour

What do we offer above and beyond traditional tutoring?

With every hour of our one-on-one service, you receive:

  • An experienced and skilled educator with knowledge of and ability to support:

    • Deep conceptual learning

    • Remedial skill building

    • Academic Strategies

    • Memory and comprehension

    • Executive Function and Self-regulation

    • Study skills

    • Test preparation

    • Online(DL) course support

    • Organization and time management

    • Social and emotional layers of learning

    • Enrichment and Hands-on Learning

    • Exploration of areas of passion and strength

    • Communication Skills

    • Independence and advocacy

    • Digital literacy

    • Course Planning

    • Community Resource referrals

    • Ongoing support of a Case Manager for advice, guidance and trouble-shooting

    • Administrative support with changes to scheduling and cancellations

    • Access to a compassionate team of educational experts who consult families on various challenges and opportunities within the educational landscape of Vancouver

We are known to be successful working with students who experience:

  • A need for personalized supports for school
  • Challenges learning in traditional environments
  • A learning disability and/or mental health diagnosis
  • A need for relationship-based learning & flexibility
  • Underachievement & disengagement
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Social/emotional challenges
  • Trauma
  • Chronic health challenges
  • Lifestyles impacted by professional work in theatre, sports, film or otherwise

I’m a visual learner. I have learning disabilities so I have problems processing different stuff. So, it was better to have a more personal connection with the people because then I’m more interested in hearing what they have to say.


BrainBoost Student

The tutors here are special. They really understand what you need to do. My friend, actually, I told her about BrainBoost because her tutor at her house would get really frustrated with her if she wasn’t doing it a certain way. Then, she came here and she was like, Oh my gosh! These tutors are really different! They don’t get frustrated with me and they give me three different ways to do something and I get to pick!?


BrainBoost Student

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