Math at BrainBoost is different, and the way in which it is different has made students embrace this tough subject at BB for years. Sometimes referred to as the ?secret sauce?, our teachers below try to explain what the BB math magic is all about.

General Maths
“The main difference at BrainBoost is the individualized learning. Yes, it is a class, so everyone moves at a similar pace. However, the support provided by the Study Space team, case manager, and sometimes private sessions really helps a student solidify their math learning. The expectations and goals are the same in public school math and BrainBoost math, but the route taken to achieve these goals are different. Also, with small classes, we’re able to see the students? strengths and weaknesses as they learn the material, and adjust our instruction accordingly.”??- Keri


Upper Level Maths
“One of the greatest challenges facing upper level math students and instructors is the cumulative nature of these courses. Students need to have mastered a huge variety of concepts before the course even starts, and all too often they end up feeling “left behind” or out of touch because they’re missing a key piece of information. We work with students to make sure that each new concept, technique, and equation is given meaning and placed within the context of what they’ve already learned and what’s to come.” – Mark?


Summer Math
“Summer math is fun!
Students have a chance to become fully immersed in the material and build momentum.?They can see how units build on each other and see improvement in their skills quickly.?It’s not just about learning the content, but also about getting into a math mindset and learning how to think like a mathematician and problem solver.”?– Michaela