Summer 2021

Summer is for Exploration and Discovery!

Summer at BrainBoost is designed to engage, inspire, and fuel your creativity. Whether you are in need of an immersive Math class intensive, or you want to dive deep one-on-one into a subject matter that interests you while sharpening your skills, our team will consult with you about your goals, and design a program that works for you.


Our skilled and innovative educators provide a dynamic and flexible learning environment in which you develop your intellectual curiosity, investigate and explore, while also forming meaningful connections with other students. Whether you are a regular at BrainBoost, or brand new, spending the summer with us will leave you enriched, develop your self-confidence, and lighten your September schedule! 

Contact us now to design a customized learning plan for a summertime of learning.


Summer is a great time to complete an online course and build skills and deep conceptual understanding in Math, English, Science, Socials, you name it! BrainBoost educators are standing by, ready to create personalized learning plans to help each individual reach their academic goals. Maybe you’re all caught up, and found the year a rather boring one? We’re also experts at enrichment plans! Want to learn all about astronomy? Make your own YouTube videos? Explore the psychological constructs that make humans who they are?  Give us a call to learn about how our educators can help make this summer a productive and fun one.

July 5th – August 13th 2021 | 9:00am – 5:30pm



Summer Math

For the past 10 summers, BrainBoost educators have supported groups of students as they work through an online Math course and complete it for credit.  Students report this being an incredibly fun and confidence-building educational experience. BrainBoost provides scheduled sessions where students work through the material in a small group class format. We offer specialized learning supports, catered to each student’s unique learning style, and support preparing for and completing tests and assignments. All throughout, students get guidance to build underlying skills and conceptual understandings that will support them in their future learning in math.

MATH 10 

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The minute I walked in my first class that morning, Michaela [my teacher], was like sunshine – she just hit! I came into Summer Math thinking, ” I’ll pass this by 52%”. I got my first test done, and I was like WHOA! “Anything above 73%, and I’m good”, and I ended up getting a class average of 84%, which I could’ve never imagined! …. It was a lot of work, but it was fun too, because Michaela and Yeasir are great teachers.


BrainBoost Student

I chose to do math at BrainBoost because I wanted to get it done and over with. The class was great, as everyone helped each other, and it was a supportive environment. We all became friends, and I was most surprised by the commitment from everyone in the class. At BrainBoost, they have awesome teachers who can teach you one-on-one a lot because the classes are small. My favourite part was meeting people like me determined to do math.


BrainBoost Student

What do you want to learn?

We’re in the laboratory brewing up some fun and exciting summer camps. In previous years, we’ve offered classes in D&D, Video Game Design, Film Making, Cooking and more. Send us an email if you have any special requests, and/or would like to be notified when these camps are open for registration.

Interested in D&D or RPG Classes? Email us to know first when dates and times are available!