• Tuesday, July 2 – Friday, August 9
  • Available Monday to Friday, 10am -5:30pm
  • Booked as one hour sessions
  • 6 Week Commitment, In-person and/or virtual


  • All Ages


  • $105/hr


BrainBoost educators will create personalized learning plans to help each individual reach their learning and academic goals.

We support students with skill building, online courses, conceptual understanding, study skills, creative explorations, you name it!

We are experts at executive function support and we can teach Math, English, Science, Socials, Psychology, Philosophy, Life Skills, and more. Maybe you’re all caught up, and found yourself quickly bored? We’re experts at enrichment plans! Want to learn all about astronomy? Make your own YouTube videos? Explore the psychological constructs that make humans who they are? Give us a call to learn about how our educators can help make this summer fun, energetic and rewarding.