BrainBoost magic sometimes escapes the confines of our hub. Michaela and Sarah, BrainBoost tutor extraordinaires,?presented a workshop on study techniques at private and public schools. Over two days and 14 workshop sessions, our tutors engaged more than 400 students on how to make the most of their study skills.

The main goal of the workshop was to make students more aware of their study habits and to give them a chance to reflect on what study skills work for each of them. Through discussions and activities, Michaela and Sarah helped the students uncover the goals and processes that can motivate the study process. The students also revealed the objects and activities distracting the study process (phones,?Netflix, cats!), and in each workshop the students learned and shared the techniques that make studying effective.

BrainBoost is ready to visit more high schools in the city to deliver our specialized knowledge. Contact us if you think your school would like a visit from us!