Do you have a final exam that could give your grade a much needed bump? Are you going to review before the exam with other classmates to help you prepare?

Join one of our Ask Me Anything: Study Groups where you and other students taking the same course can ask questions about the year’s worth of material with one of our magnificent educators! AMA: Study Groups are small tutorial groups that meet for two-hour work sessions on back-to-back weeks in June with a Brainboost curriculum expert to review whatever concepts students would like to go over. We custom build these groups based on requested courses and once we get three interested students we find a time that works for everyone in the group. Each Study Group costs $200 per student which covers two classes with each one being two hours in length.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact the front desk to let them know which course you’re interested in and what times work for you so we can build a Study Group for you!