During Spring Break it feels good to exhale and change your pace, but it can also feel good to use that extra time towards strengthening your work. For the first week during the break, BrainBoost is open and tutors are ready to help you tackle your projects, whole units or overdue assignments, or boost you in an area you want to improve. The vibe is mellow, but focused, and we make sure to have some fun between the equations and essays.

Contact us to have one of our educational experts design a customized spring break plan, built just for you!

See what a catchup student has to say about their experience:
?The space has a very good atmosphere. It really works well for me.?Last year I was in a similar position – I had a bunch of stuff piled up, and the work just got finished! I guess when I ask for the tutor?s help, it?s not so much the tutor giving me the answers, it?s them trying to work through it with me. At school, the teachers don?t really offer that kind of support. The tutors are just coming around to see if I?m on task or continuing to do my work, whereas at my house, I?m just doing my homework on my bed with my door closed.? – Kevin, 17