Our Core Services

At BrainBoost, we view a service as anything that can contribute to a student’s learning experience. It’s our goal to offer a diversity of options and supports for our clients and to be as adaptable as possible to each and every child’s needs as a learner!

Part Time and After School Services

Specific Classes

Soar through classes and create a deeper understanding and relate school topics to the real world, rather than just learning the textbook.

Study Space

Enjoy a learning environment like no other! Our study space is designed so you won’t just get your homework done, but also prepare for tests and organize your student life.


Learn from a tutor who will help you do more than pass a class, giving you the ability to understand and apply course information on a deeper level.

Full Time Program

Individually Tailored

Experience a program that is built around your passions. Our full-time programs blend credit courses, unique electives and an immersive community to foster a love of lifelong learning.