How do you spend your Saturdays? A handful eager mathletes enter BrainBoost every Saturday and take on a few hours of serious problem solving. Our math teacher extraordinaire, Mark Van Eijk, is guiding our students through Math 12. By taking the course on a Saturday, the students are able to tackle a required credit while also spreading out their workload.

“It’s really fun! You meet a lot of cool people. You still get to sleep in on Saturday morning and you’re done at 2! It’s only one term and you finish it faster than at school. It’s definitely worth it! “ – Emma

“It’s really one-on-one since the class sizes are so small! I feel more comfortable when I’m unaware of something and Mark will definitely go over it. We have to get things done in a certain time, but it’s more lenient, so if we don’t get something he will go over! I found it much more stressful at school.” – Olive

Our Saturday Pre-Calc 11 Class starts on January 7th!?
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