Going back to school can fill children (and grown-ups!) with both excitement and nervousness. A new school year comes with new classrooms, new teachers, and new classmates. A new curriculum can be daunting and students can feel overwhelmed. It’s a lot to manage for some young people, especially if they struggle with learning or feel like they don’t belong. 

If your child is already antsy about school, you might already be wondering how you’ll make it to June.

But there are ways to help your anxious child.

Tips to help your child manage a new school year 

Check in with yourself. For parents, the start of a new school year can be anxiety-inducing, too. Managing your own stress is a good way to help your child feel more positive.

Talk to your child. The best way to address stress and anxiety is to encourage your child to talk to you about what is troubling them. Try and avoid dismissive statements like, “But you used to love school.” instead opt for open-ended questions like, “What happens in math class that makes you feel frustrated?” Listen without judgment and validate their feelings. You don’t need to have all the answers, but talking helps children work through their barriers to learning. 

Let someone at school know. If your child needs extra support, reach out to their teacher, an aide or a school counsellor. They can help your child express and understand their feelings and direct you both to options available within your school. You can also ask for recommendations for out-of-school resources to help your child. 

a group of teenagers work with electrical equipment as part of a science class

Help your child find their passion for learning

Traditional classrooms don’t meet all students’ needs. Enriching support and experiences play an important role in a student’s success.


For example, at BrainBoost we provide exciting after school classes, like Robotics Club, for that tech-whiz in your home who feels bored by how science is taught at school. Our individual tutoring services also challenge students to dive deep into their curriculum and see applications in their daily life, making it feel more relevant and interesting. 

Positive relationships with teachers and other students are also foundational for any child to succeed. When students struggle with different learning abilities, school-related anxiety, feeling bored or other issues at school, trust in teachers can be low. Our teachers build relationships based on understanding the unique interests and strengths of each student. As a result, students discover a spark for learning and develop skills that increase their self-confidence.

At BrainBoost, we design educational experiences and activities that challenge students at just the right level, so they can learn new skills, deepen their understanding, and build their confidence. Whether your child may need help full-time, part-time or just an hour a week, we can be a part of the solution. Get in touch to learn more. 

a smiling female teacher speaks to students engaged in a hands-on science activity

Your child is their own best advocate

Students are their own best advocates. That’s why we help our students understand and explain their own needs and strengths. No matter how you support your child – and help them advocate for what they need – rest assured you’re doing the best you can for them. 

And if you think we can be a part of the solution, we’re here to help.