Video Game History & Culture

Utilizing the lens of video game history and culture this Social Studies class offers a captivating approach to exploring significant people, places, events, and developments. Students engage in critical analysis by examining the evolution of video games, identifying key milestones, and assessing their cultural and societal impacts. They will investigate the significance attributed to specific games, designers, and movements within the gaming industry, discerning the perspectives and values embedded in these narratives. Through this exploration, students evaluate the credibility of various sources and the adequacy of evidence presented, honing their skills in historical interpretation and analysis. They will also examine the ethical implications of gaming, considering issues such as representation, inclusivity, and the commodification of entertainment. By delving into video game history and culture, students develop a nuanced understanding of continuity and change, recognizing the role of technological innovation and cultural shifts in shaping human experiences.

How much does it cost?


When is it?

Thursdays 1pm – 3pm

What are the dates?

September 5th – June 12th

What ages is it appropriate for?

13-15 or students in grades 8 or 9

What credits can be earned?

Towards Socials 8/9 Curriculum Competencies

Teacher: Emanuel

Grades: 8/9/10

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