Tabletop Games

Explore creativity, storytelling, and tactics, through adventure and strategy in our Tabletop Games class. Investigate fantasy, sci-fi, and mythology, explored in a light, carefree, and fun atmosphere in collaboration with others. Students will get to experience a range of different strategies across a variety of games such as Ribbon Drive, Wanderhome, Wingspan and many more. This class offers inspiration for anyone interested in game design and storytelling, with the opportunity to practice social and time management skills, as well as develop problem solving and decision making abilities in a fun and inclusive environment.

Your Educator – John Regan

John grew up in Barnaby River, a small town in New Brunswick. He has an undergraduate degree in psychology, biology, and Greek literature from Mount Allison University, where he learned that he thrives in interdisciplinary contexts. He likes making learning environments engaging by learning what student’s are fascinated by and relating lessons to material from other perspectives. At BrainBoost, he tutors biology, math, English, and humanities. In his spare time he has enjoyed taking part in creative writing communities with his friends. John is inspired by exploring literature with students, sharing his interest in Homer, Sappho, Sophocles, Robert Bly, Virginia Woolf, John Steinbeck, Richard Adams, as well as other writer’s. He’s also glad to teach or create projects about tesselations and mathematical art, video games, story games, ecology, psychology, and poetry.

How much does it cost?

$1000.00 per term

(mid-term enrollment offered at a pro-rated price)

When is it?

Mondays 4:00-6:00 pm

What are the dates?

Term 1: September 6th to January 26th

Term 2: January 29th to June 14th

(This class is offered with anytime entry throughout the year)

What ages is it appropriate for?


What credits can be earned?



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