How do you use Study Space today? How do you describe it to others?
Yeah! Totally! It’s a place where you can go and you can get help and support with homework, questions. You can get help and support for online courses and to help you organize your time management. It really helps with any kind of school-related support. The tutors also help me with things like organizing a timeline for an online course that is extremely helpful. It seems like something straightforward, but it is really helpful to get that extra kick of support.

What are you doing at BrainBoost now?
I have two spares at school right now, so I come here straight after school at around 11:30 and then I use this time to do my Biology 11 online. I use it mostly for asking questions. I mean like, they’re so good at helping me organize my time management too. Like, if I have a list of things I need to finish over the weekend, they help me prioritize. If I need extra practice, they find really awesome resources. If I need someone to help quiz me or if I need just a number a of things. Whatever I need, they’re really willing to help me out with what I need that day.

Sessions, for me, are just single subject orientated. So, this year, I’m focussing on Chemistry and Math with Nolan. He helps me with the little kinks I have or go over concepts that I missed in class. He helps me answer question that I find really challenging and I need more one on one support. I save independent work for Homework Help and I use sessions to go over things I’m not grasping on from my teacher.

They really want to help you with whatever it is that you need help with. I think they’re trying to think of your perspective and what you need to understand the question and succeed at a problem. They try to look at it from a different perspective for you. I think the tutors here are really exceptional. They each have a background that they’re really passionate about and I think that really translates into how they want to help you understand. I find the tutors here really go the extra mile to help you understand.

It’s your grade 12 year, and you’ve decided to tackle your first online class. What made you decide to take an online course this year? How has it been going?
I’m hoping to apply to nursing at UBC Okanagan because they have a four year program there. You need Biology 11 to apply, and this is a new requirement that started this year. Since I didn’t know about it when I selected my grade 11 courses, I decided it was worthwhile to take the course and have the prerequisite to be able to go into the program that I want. It wasn’t reasonable for me to take it in school, with all my other classes, so I decided to take it online.

Not bad! I have to be done by the beginning of February to use it to apply to Universities. It’s a bit of a short timeline, but I have a schedule going and I’ve been staying on top of it. It’s been going pretty good. BrainBoost helps me with my organization. Also, the class is kind of self- taught and you have to interpret the material, so BrainBoost kind of acts like my teacher to go over concepts. It’s nice because it’s still on my own time though!

Is it hard to ask for help in Study Space?
I’m really comfortable with the tutors since I know them and I am fairly comfortable with asserting myself that way. I’m an older students so I guess I feel comfortable. But, even if you’re the shyest person in the whole world, I’m pretty sure that they’re going to come around and check that you don’t need anything from there. They’ll come to you at first so that you can get familiar with them.

How has BB affected you as a learner?
It’s given me a good way to be more responsible for my work. Using Study Space as an example, like you’re responsible for your own work, but it’s nice to have that support if you want to learn more. I never have to be stuck on a problem because I know there’s someone who will be there and help guide me through it.

Why do places like BrainBoost and Study Space need to exist?
Teachers don’t always have that much time to help you outside of class, so for the people who have more individualized learning, it’s nice to have somewhere to go, outside of school, for help. It’s nice to know to know you can come somewhere and have that support!