Science 10

Students will explore fundamental science knowledge and skills through practical
classroom experiments whilst investigating real world applications. Students will apply
scientific methodology to define questions, conduct research, make predictions and
develop a hypothesis they are able to test. From this, students will analyze result data
and draw conclusions in a range of scientific disciplines. The variety of this course is
designed as the starting point for piquing interest in more specific branches of science
like biology, chemistry or physics. Take this course for a fascinating and challenging
journey in science that covers (and goes beyond) the BC Science 10 curriculum.

How much does it cost?


When is it?

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1pm – 3pm

What are the dates?

January 27th – June 12th

What ages is it appropriate for?

Grade 10 students

What credits can be earned?

Towards Science 10 Mandatory Credit

Teacher: Martin

Grades: 10

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