Junior RPG

Do you love role playing games? Have you ever wanted to make your own? This year-long course blends game mechanics with the art of storytelling to give students a chance to create their very own RPG adventures. Students will write and run campaigns for Dungeons and Dragons, and write twines with compelling narratives that will have players coming back for more. Beginners are welcome, no experience required!


Your Teacher -?Lauren Bell


Lauren grew up in Summerland, a tiny town in the Okanagan Valley, before journeying to Vancouver to pursue studies at the University of British Columbia. The size of her town and her love for learning encouraged her to study how to juggle, rolla bolla, spin plates, throw knives, and even stiltwalk. Upon graduating from highschool she turned towards the more academic studies of ancient civilizations and the stories of the past. Now, with a completed Bachelor?s Degree in History and a minor in English, Lauren is tutoring English and Humanities at BrainBoost. Her favourite past times include reading, writing, video-gaming, preparing gourmet meals, and drawing.





How much does it cost?

$2000.00 + GST

When is it?

Friday 1:00 – 3:00 pm

What are the dates?

Full Year: September – June 12th

What ages is it appropriate for?




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To be eligible for credit for this class, students must be enrolled in an accredited distance learning program.
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