Psychology 11

Psychology 11 with Charlie will introduce students to the discipline of Psychology and prepare them for further studies in Psychology. Students will explore questions such as: What characterizes the psychological domain as distinct from other domains in the social sciences? What are the major sub-domains of psychology? What is the “mind” and what is its relationship to the brain and the body? How has psychology historically contributed to the oppression of marginalized communities? What are the safeguards in place today to prevent these type of transgressions from reoccurring? Charlie’s mixture of expertise, passion and kindness ensures students can explore any of their interests related to psychology in a fun and welcoming way. Students will also receive exposure to methods of psychological research including, but not limited to, case studies, longitudinal studies and meta-analyses.


Your Educator – Charlie Wu

Charlie has been in love with life and learning since 2004, when a very special teacher in his grade 3 class introduced him to the works of Roald Dahl upon noticing that he did’?t like books very much. After that moment, Charlie’s life changed in trajectory. He became fascinated with almost every subject at school, especially English. Later on, he would graduate from UBC with a double degree in Psychology and English Literature, all the while still being in love with life and learning. He has been teaching for over 5 years, and much of what he knows to be important in the world he has learned from children. His favorite things to discuss include theoretical psychology, poetry, and the history of science. If you ask Charlie what his favorite book is, he would probably give you a different answer every time. In the past, the answers have included Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Norwegian Wood, and Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. Ultimately, Charlie looks forward to teaching and learning about anything and everything at BrainBoost.

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1:00 pm-3:00 pm

What are the dates?
All year: September 7th- June 17th

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What credits can be earned?

BAA Grade 11 Credit

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