Physics 11

In Physics 11 David will support students with his skill, patience and creativity to explore introductory concepts in physics such as: What is the difference between a vector quantity and a scalar quantity? What are contact forces? What factors affect magnitude and direction? How do Electric Circuits work? Who is Isaac Newton and why is he famous? What do we mean in Physics when we say Work, Energy and Power? The big ideas in this course will be centred around the concept of motion, forces and energy. More specifically, students will examine how an object’s motion can be predicted, analysed, and described, and how forces influence the motion of an object – Newton’s Laws of Motion will occupy center stage. Students can expect to explore these concepts through experimentation both in the real world and through virtual simulations.


Your Educator – David Croke

David was born and raised in the charming city of Dublin, Ireland. It was there that he discovered a love for mathematics and a desire to teach. Throughout his schooling life he recognized that hard work and effort supersedes raw intelligence in the race for success. He graduated from Dublin City University with First-Class Honors in Mathematical Sciences in 2010 and continued his ambitions by also acquiring a First-Class Honors in his Professional Diploma in Education from University College Cork in 2012. As a certified mathematics teacher, he has been teaching in the classrooms of public, private and boarding schools, in both Ireland and Australia, for almost six years. He has also been tutoring students one-to-one during these years. He is extremely excited to be a part of the BrainBoost team and to utilize his teaching experience in a new context. His approach to learning is student-centered, valuing the goals of the individual to create a lesson that is the most effective for them. He is really enjoying Vancouver life and can be spotted cycling the seawall or mountain biking up north. His hobbies also include surfing, kayaking and scuba diving. Ask him about scuba diving with hammerhead sharks!

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Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

10:00 am-12:00 pm

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Term 2: January 31st- June 17th

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Physics 11

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