Philosophy Club

Philosophy helps us think creatively and critically about the world around us. It improves our ability to problem solve, it enhances our communication skills, and even helps us identify our personal place in the world. Philosophy club is available for students to discuss and share ideas, ask questions, and seek answers. Our informal discussions are friendly and lively, supported with music, news, and videos. We explore some of the great thinkers of the past, experiment with philosophical models, and examine how philosophy can work toward solving the problems we face as a human race in the modern world.

Previous topics discussed have included:

  • What is bravery? Is it brave to jump into a lion’s den to save a dropped ice cream? What if you were saving a fallen child? What is it that makes an action brave?

  • The Problem with Merit: If people believe they deserve to be wealthy due to their own attributes rather than luck, then conversely, they must believe poorer people deserve to be poor as well.

  • Paradoxes: E.G. Zeno’s Paradox: You can never get from point A to point B, as first you must travel half the distance, and then half the distance left, ad infinitum. Or can you?

Students are invited to join Paul for either term or the entire year!

Your Educator – Paul Felts

Paul ‘Wally’ Felts received a BA (Hons) Degree in Animation because he likes cartoons, films, jokes and storytelling. He has since accumulated fifteen years teaching experience and was the Assistant Head teacher of an outstanding South London primary school. He has been a lead practitioner for the British Film Institutes Media Literacy program, awarded Senior Associate status at the Teaching learning Academy, nominated for a National Teaching Award and is a Specialist Schools and Academies Trust scholar. Since relocating to Vancouver six years ago he has worked as a teacher and principal in a school for gifted and talented students. ‘Wally’ enjoys Kayaking and ‘fall-off’ paddle boarding (FOP) at Jericho Beach.

How much does it cost?

Term 1: $400.00

Term 2: $400.00

When is it?


3:15 -4:00 pm

What are the dates?
Term 1: September 7th – December 17th
Term 2: January 31st – June 17th

What ages is it appropriate for?


What credits can be earned?


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