Physical Education

In this energetic class students will participate in a range of fitness activities to activate and enhance their physical health and abilities. Students will develop, refine, and apply fundamental skills in movement and coordination in this fun and active hands on class. As well as learning required skills in control and dexterity, students will explore a range of skills and behaviors towards independent health and fitness. This class will engage students in a range of competitive and non competitive activities designed to inspire self discipline, goal setting and improved peer relationship building.

Your Educator – Blair Mclellend

Blair was born in Florida before moving to Edinburgh, Scotland as a teenager to finish high school. Throughout his schooling he showed a passion for science and mathematics and chose to pursue a degree in Architectural Engineering. Once finished Blair chose to take 2 years to travel Asia, South America and Europe before returning to Edinburgh to complete his Masters in Renewable Energy. He has a keen interest in the environment and has studied additional related materials including the UN course on Climate Change. He moved to Vancouver almost 2 years ago to begin a new adventure and after volunteering at a local tutoring charity last year is now working with BrainBoost. In his spare time, he loves playing all sports, cooking, reading the paper and doing anything on the water.

How much does it cost?


(mid-term enrollment offered at a pro-rated price)

When is it?

Mondays 11:10am to 12:10pm or

Wednesdays 11:10am to 12:10pm

What are the dates?

September 6th – Jan 14th

(This class is offered with anytime entry throughout the year)

What ages is it appropriate for?

9 -18

What credits can be earned?



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