Michelle Seigel

Fortunate enough to experience life on both coasts of Canada, Michelle’s early years
were spent between British Columbia and New Brunswick. This inspired her love for
travel and cultural exploration. She completed a Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences
from the University of Victoria, a Citation in Health Sciences from Langara
College, and a Montessori Teaching Diploma from the North American
Montessori Center.

Michelle found a great sense of purpose and joy in education. She has seven
years of teaching experience behind her and is excited for all those to come.
Michelle is dedicated to helping students discover their strengths, curiosities and develop a
genuine love of learning. She enjoys teaching language, history, and all things
political-science. Michelle struggled with math in her high school years and now takes a
particular interest in assisting students to overcome challenges in this area
through creative problem solving and understanding individual learning styles.
She believes everyone can achieve confidence and success when met with the right

In her personal time, Michelle loves travelling, studying new
languages and spending time with friends, family and rabbit, Pepper!