Meredith Elliott

Meredith always had big dreams of making an impact on the education system, despite struggling through the rigidity and traditionalism of mainstream schooling. This led to the hard-won completion of a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Arts from York University, Toronto. After teaching locally, Meredith moved on to teach in Manchester and London, England for many years – which provided a unique understanding of cross-cultural perspectives, pedagogies and discourses focused on the philosophy that it takes a village to raise a child. Having returned to Canada, Meredith now focuses on teaching and designing curricula which enrich and uplift students who pursue a learning journey outside of traditional avenues. 

Meredith is a self-proclaimed “Jack of all trades, master of some”, due to a wide range of special interests and the desire to learn everything, everywhere, often all at once! For example, this has led to running a non-profit spoken word and poetry events business, being captain of a roller derby team, conducting a mass choir at the Tower of London, and most recently a foray into the world of STEM by pursuing accreditations in computer sciences. Meredith is living proof that anyone can learn anything they’re interested in – under the right conditions, with the right support!