Pre-Calculus Math 12

Pre-Calculus 12 is a challenging and engaging course that prepares students for a future in math, science and an array of other fields. It?s a prerequisite for almost all science, engineering, and math programs in university and Debbie will help you have a strong grasp on the material before bringing it into post-secondary learning environments. In this course you will build on familiar topics like quadratics and trigonometry and extend your reasoning to more advanced kinds of functions like logarithms and exponential functions. This is a great course if you love problem-solving, finding patterns, and really getting at the meaning of different relationships in math. It is also builds off of the skills you?ve developed over the past years as you start to connect and apply them to variety of new and interesting situations. From modelling the ocean’s tides through trigonometry to calculating the number of unique licence plates in BC, this course will expose you to engaging problems and provide a satisfying finish to your high school pre-calculus experience.



Your Teacher -?Debbie Le

Debbie is an Edmontonian-turned-Vancouverite studying chemistry at UBC. After completing her undergraduate degree in chemistry and biology, Debbie enrolled in the PhD program to research Supramolecular Chemistry (basically molecular Lego). Debbie tutors math as well as the sciences, and one of her favourite things to do is to bring science into everyday life. Did you know that the colour of hydrangea flowers can tell you about the acidity of your soil? When not teaching or in school, Debbie can be found sewing, baking, learning the ukulele, or most likely hugging her cat.





How much does it cost?

When is it?
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-3:00 pm

What are the dates?
Term 1: September 5th ? January 23rd

What ages is it appropriate for?
15 ? 19

What credits can be earned?


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