Mabel Clements

Mabel moved to Canada from the UK three years ago, and has been teaching for fifteen years. Her love for teaching started with teaching piano, flute, singing, dance and drama which she taught in schools and one on one, and this love grew to teaching Math and English. Mabel has worked with a wide range of students, some enrolled in full time mainstream schools and some who had left the mainstream education system. Every student is unique and she loves to find new, creative and explorative ways to encourage engagement and learning. She believes that learning needs to be fun and is always excited to find out what motivates each student and aims to incorporate their individual passions into the content of their learning. Mabel also worked as an actor in the UK and performed in London’s West End, New York’s Broadway and in Film and TV. She loves singing at local Vancouver venues and writing spoken word poetry, and is very excited to be joining the BrainBoost community!