LifeLabs 10

Students will explore both the fundamentals and the nuances of career-life choices and how to navigate their future to build the life they desire. This course will guide student’s knowledge and understanding of both mental and physical health, so they feel empowered and confident to experiment and make decisions they feel good about. Students will explore such topics as wellness, decision making, employability skills, financial planning, sexual health and consent, and substance use and risk management. This course will enable students to gain credit for parts of Career and Life Education 10 and PE 10 in a way that feels meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Your Educator – Allie Peterson

Allie was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She has a degree in Health Sciences from SFU, but has found that her calling is working with kids. From being a camp counsellor, to a soccer coach, to a tutor she enjoys engaging with kids of all ages in a variety of activities. She enjoys teaching subjects that she struggled with in school, being informed about how different approaches can change the learning experience. Allie also has a love of travel and has been on many adventures all around the world! Allie likes to spend her free time reading graphic novels, drawing, and playing D&D. She brings excitement about learning and growth, partnered with endless patience to the classroom.

How much does it cost?


(mid-term enrollment offered at a pro-rated price)

When is it?

Wednesdays 1:00 pm-3:00 pm

What are the dates?

September 6th – June 14th

(This class is offered with anytime entry throughout the year)

What ages is it appropriate for?


What credits can be earned?

Toward CLE 10A & PE 10A


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