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Join Sam for a fun and welcoming exploration of life and how to make the most of it. Sam will guide students’ knowledge and understanding of health, both mental and physical, so that they can feel empowered and confident to make decisions they feel good about. This course will explore such topics as wellness, educational planning, self determination, critical analysis of online health information and health literacy, sexual health and consent, and substance use and risk management. This course will enable students to gain credit for Career and Life Connections 10 and possibly PE 10 in a way that feels meaningful and relevant to their lives.

Your Educator – Sam O’Connell

Born in Vancouver, Sam was raised in Dublin, Ireland. Sam graduated with an honours degree in Biology from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth before returning to Canada. From a young age she has been working with kids of all ages, who were struggling, in and out of the classroom from instructing swimming with Special Olympics Ireland to teaching IT classes in the local school. Through this experience she realised that one method doesn’t suit all when it comes to learning and we need to embrace that! In her spare time Sam can be found skating and playing ice hockey at many of the local rinks around Vancouver. She also loves listening to (and playing guitar to) all kinds of music. Phil Collins is a firm favourite though. Other hobbies include reading biographies and crime fiction books or playing video games. She is excited to bring her experience to BrainBoost!

How much does it cost?


When is it?


10:00 am-12:00 pm

What are the dates?
All year: September 7th- June 17th

What ages is it appropriate for?


What credits can be earned?

Career-Life Education (CLE)

PE 10

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