Junior High Science

Vancouver’s physical surroundings are extraordinary: the wonders of the forest, the mystery of the ocean, the power of the mountains – and the possibility it affords anyone to connect with these places. Join Aksel in an exploration of the natural world around you. In this course, students will learn about what makes B.C.’s nature so important, how the society here relies on the various ecosystems, and how people can live their lives in harmony with nature. This course will explore such questions as: What are the different plants, animals, and other beings in local ecosystems and how are they connected? In what ways have the people living on these lands in the past used nature to meet their needs? What are the problems that society faces in meeting its needs today? How can problems that have arisen be resolved? And lastly, what are each person’s personal needs and how can one live a life of health and happiness? Aksel and the students will head into nature to learn what it means to build a relationship with the Earth using the tools of science and informed by the ancient knowledge of Indigenous Peoples.

Your Educator – Aksel Smit

Aksel is an interdisciplinary teacher with an academic background in science, and a personal background in health and wellness. He studied biomedical physiology and kinesiology at SFU, completing an honour’s degree with research on the management of knee arthritis using wearable technology. During his time at SFU, he worked in a variety of teaching positions in the context of swimming lessons, summer camps, lifesaving courses and peer tutoring. He recently finished a five month stretch of work as a surf instructor in Tofino, spending the summer surfing and playing lots of music, and upon returning to Vancouver he pursued a teaching position at Brainboost that combines his knowledge in maths and sciences with his passion for teaching in all forms. Aksel’s teaching approach is highly collaborative, fostering independent-thought and creativity with an overall sense of safety. As a study space teacher, he enjoys authentic engagement with the students as a support for their learning journeys.


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1:00-3:00 pm

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All year: September 7th- June 17th

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Science 7/8/9

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