Imogen (14) has been coming to BrainBoost since she was in grade 6. Now, a grade 9 student at Prince of Wales, she discusses her success in math.

Why did you start coming to BrainBoost?
I am not the best person with math, and I was getting behind and not understanding it all, so coming to BrainBoost has helped me grasp it better. It’s also helped me do it a little bit faster, because that’s also something that I have trouble with.

What has challenged you in math in a normal school setting? How has tutoring helped you?
I find a lot of teachers go really quickly because a lot of students just understand it quickly, so it’s okay to move on. BrainBoost is good because I can have another session where I really just focus on stuff I’m having trouble with.

Math is a lot easier this year with BrainBoost than last year without. My mark was higher and I could really understand things easier and it also has been helping quite a bit.

What does a typical session look like?
Doing whatever concept of math I’m doing at school at the time and then I’ll do some problems. We will work on everything I’m having a bit of trouble with, and then go over some basic stuff if necessary. It’s kind of homework help, but if I need help with the homework, I need help with the concept. So, a session is also just going over different concepts and different ways of doing it to see what works best.

How does your tutor make math come alive?

Since everybody does things differently, he helps me find stuff that works well for me and going over different ways to see it.

One of the main differences at BrainBoost is having that one-on-one help with whatever you need. If you have any questions, you can ask your tutor and you don’t have to worry about disrupting or taking up too much class time.

BrainBoost has also taught me about my learning style. Going over different ways that people learn things and choosing one that works best for me. It made me realize that I’m better with visual learning and doing things. I find that picking apart and see things really helps. Martin draws a lot of diagrams and takes things apart by drawing pictures. Once we wrapped paper around tubes to understand surface area – things like that!

I’ve suggested BrainBoost to other people because – especially in high school when everything is starting to move a lot quicker, and there are more tests, homework, and stress – BrainBoost is a really good place to understand things. It’s a nice environment and it’s really friendly. It’s relaxed here, but not too relaxed. There are less distractions, like my pets or other things. It’s more focussed and I get my homework done.