High School Math for Credit

Math 10, 11 or 12

Any Math class includes 5 weeks with an optional 6th week of support at no additional charge. You get a personalized educational plan, small class sizes, and lots of one-on-one support.

Over the past 7 years, hundreds of Vancouver students have found success in our unique Summer Math program. Over 5 weeks (and an optional 6th week of free support), students complete an entire math course, for credit, with deep understanding. ?Our amazing teachers customize the content and delivery to the needs of the particular student, made possible by the small sizes of our classes. And of course, we bring the BrainBoost zest to a subject that is unnecessarily intimidating, or just generally stressful. Students are surprised to find that, in addition to conquering math, they have a good time, and feel smarter and more confident after completing the course.

Key Benefits & Takeaways

  • small, focused classes

  • students earn high school credits*

  • customized content to fit the needs of each student

  • optional 6th week of free support if needed

  • they?re fun, we promise!

* students register with an online school who administers the course and grants the credits


Summer Math is beneficial for

  • kids who have a hard time meeting their math goals

  • kids who struggle with attention

  • kids who want to get a class done, so they have a spare block

  • kids who need to feel a sense of community

  • kids who want a higher mark

How much does it cost?



When is it?



What are the dates?

July 4th – August 5th, 2016


What ages is it appropriate for?

15 ? 17

What credits can be earned?

Foundations & Pre-Calculus 10, Pre-Calculus 11, or Pre-Calculus 12



Contact us to sign up

To be eligible for credit for this class, students must be enrolled in an accredited distance learning program.
Students may withdraw up to 14 days after the start of the pod and receive a full refund for the class minus the cancellation fee of $100. After that time, the fees are non-refundable.?

Our Math 10 teachers



Math 10

Michaela tutors a hodgepodge of subjects,but she?s always had a nerdy soft spot for math. She loves the instant gratification that comes from finally solving a challenging problem!



Math 11

Justin brings a passion for math and environmental education to his teaching. He also often brings his Bernese mountain dog, Brinley.



Math 12

Nolan teaches math in a way that gives students the power to create their own learning moments and he strives to foster confidence and critical thinking within a safe environment.

So many kids think they?re ?just not good at math,? and honestly, most of them are wrong! Math is hard, but you can learn it, in the right environment. That?s why I think our summer math works so well for kids: the course is condensed and it?s engaging; the instruction focuses both on the concepts and doing well on tests and assignments; the vibe is fun and engaging. I taught summer math in 2007-2009 and it was one of my favorite teaching experiences, because nearly every kid was surprised to find that they could do math, at a high level. I loved helping deliver those ?Ah-ha? moments that translated to test success; I loved helping students persevere through a tough question and find the answer; and, I loved working in such a fun and friendly environment.
Since we started summer math, hundreds of kids have earned math credit, seen success with their grades, and understood the math on a deep level. Join us this summer and find success in math!

?- Director and teacher Matt Giammarino