Hanna Formosa

Hanna has come to BrainBoost with a love for mathematics, and a passion for alternative education. While she was not particularly drawn to mathematics in high school, it was in university that she gained an appreciation for this highly nuanced and powerful subject. Not only does she find the subject to be endlessly fascinating, but she believes that mathematics is a wonderful arena to engage one’s imagination and creativity, as well as to practice independent thinking. She feels strongly that a good teacher provides guidance—not governance—and always maintains a firm belief in the student’s ability to lead themselves. With 6+ years of experience teaching children and youth in various contexts, she is excited to join the BrainBoost team and begin the next stage of her own learning journey. In her spare time, she can be found engaging in her many passions and interests, which include creative writing, reading fantasy novels, Rubik’s cubes, running, playing basketball, practicing mindfulness, and connecting with others.