Foods 10

If you think cooking is just about following a recipe, think again! Students will revise and go beyond the basic cooking skills to unlock their inner chef. Students will explore how to bring their culinary visions to life by using their senses and thinking creatively. They will learn how to plate creations in a way that wows friends and family exploring a variety of international cuisine and recognising local food produce. This course offers the opportunity to gain credit towards a Culinary Arts 10 course.

Your Educator – Eva Breternitz

Eva is a Vancouver based mixed-media artist, creativity workshop facilitator, and mum of one incredible boy.  Born and raised in Germany, she grew up in a house full of sculpture and pottery which has become her main form of expression. Her great grandfather Otto Lindig was a particular inspiration as he had been the ceramics instructor at the Bauhaus school. She began her professional art practice in Falmouth, England where she completed her Foundation year in Art & Design before transferring to Liverpool John Moores University where she completed her Honours Degree in Fine Arts Mixed Media. She also found a love for etching which informed her painting and drawing style. Upon moving to Vancouver, she continued her artistic practice while pursuing careers in the arts and the film industry, as well as in the social services sector. She is excited to have joined the BrainBoost team in both an administrative and teaching role.

How much does it cost?


(mid-term enrollment offered at a pro-rated price)

When is it?

Mondays 1:00pm to 3:00pm

What are the dates?

September 6th – June 14th

(This class is offered with anytime entry throughout the year)

What ages is it appropriate for?


What credits can be earned?

Toward Culinary Arts 10


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