English 11

The theme for English 11 will be ‘the language of experience and identity.’ The course will focus on diversity in readings with selections from Indigenous writers, writers of colour, voices from the LGBTQ community and various other groups. Students will have the chance to branch away from classic literature in order to experience new authors currently contributing to the contemporary literary canon. The class will be rich in discussion and assessment will be flexible and focused on student’s engagement with course materials and expression of interpretations and analysis.



Your Teacher – Curtis LeBlanc

Curtis LeBlanc was born and raised in St. Albert, Alberta. He is the author of Good for Nothing (Anstruther Press, 2017) and Little Wild (Nightwood Editions, 2018). His fiction and poetry have been published in print and online, both in Canada and the United States. In 2010, he moved to Vancouver to pursue his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at UBC. He recently completed his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at UBC as well. During that time, he taught a wide range of topics to students at the elementary, high school and post-secondary levels, including English, Poetry, Fiction, Songwriting, New Media and Sports Writing. He loves adapting his lessons to students’ interests and opening the door to an array of materials and critical viewpoints. When h’?s not working on his own writing, you can find him performing his songs or reading his poetry around Vancouver. He’s also a huge hockey fan, with a special interest in analytics and sports culture, and has covered the NHL for a variety of publications.


How much does it cost?

When is it?
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
10:00 am-12:00 pm

What are the dates?
Term 1: September 8th – January 29th

What ages is it appropriate for?
15 – 19

What credits can be earned?
English 11


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