Emanuel Ghattas

Emanuel was born in Mississauga, Ontario to Middle Eastern parents of Lebanese and Iranian heritage! Although Canadian-born, he was raised the first 25 years of his life in Lebanon, a gorgeous little country hugging the eastern side of the flowing Mediterranean Sea. Growing up, he received a well-rounded education heavily influenced by the American and Canadian school systems. He graduated with a degree in Life Sciences that built the foundation of my curiosity and passion for exploring life and the world.

Being able to speak four languages (English, Arabic, French and Farsi) brought him to a realisation that though human beings can come from and live in different places on this earth, we all share a similar love for life, growing and discovering our purpose on this planet! His passion for learning more about the world and himself brought him to Canada in pursuit of Acting and learning more about how his mind functioned. Eventually, he was guided by his learning and growth to delve deeply into the world of psychology and experiencing the human spirit, obtaining qualifications in the Counselling field.

He enjoys singing, video games, mythology and ancient History, digital arts, acting, his little dog Lolo, Inspiring Human beings, and spending time with Nature, just to name a few!