What was your experience with school before BrainBoost?
I had a few different experiences. I went to a public school for Grade 1 and it just didn’t fit – like they couldn’t teach me properly. So, I left school and I was homeschooled for a few years. I came back to school for Grade 4 up until Grade 6. Then, I was home schooled again. Then I lost interest in that and I went and did my own thing for a couple of years. Then, I guess, then I started here in 2011. I jumped into grade 10 when I started here. I’ve been here ever since!

Why did you come to BrainBoost?
The school system just didn’t work for me. I’m a visual learner. I have learning disabilities so I have problems processing different stuff. So, it was better to have a more personal connection with the people because then I’m more interested in hearing what they have to say, rather than school, where I feel like stuff is more enforced upon you.

There’s so many things we offer here at BrainBoost – Pods, tutoring, Study space – do you feel like you use all of these different aspects?
Yeah! I use pods and tutoring all the time! I don’t use study space that often, but I do when I have the chance because it’s nice! It’s good to have Markie there and stuff and helps makes sure you’re on the right track.

What have been some of your favorite pods?
I really like the ones with Emily C! I’ve done English 10, a couple different Science ones – every single pod I’ve been in has been really great. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a bad pod. They work because even though you’re still with a group of people, they’re a smaller group of people. So, you still have that personal connection. A lot of kids in the class are nicer and are more willing to open up and be themselves – and I prefer that. Same with teachers! They get with you on that personal level.

How would you describe BrainBoost to someone who knows nothing about us?
Uhm, that’s kind of hard! I guess it’s an alternative school and it’s a space where you get more personal uses and you can really be yourself and people are fine with that and they like it. It’s easier to learn here. It?s a really comfortable place, and I don’t feel stressed here. The tutors really help you here, and they really push you to elevate you to your full potential.

What is the relationship between tutor and student like at BrainBoost?
I guess the best example, for me, is when I worked with a tutor that used to work here, Alex. When I was in sessions with him, it didn’t feel like I was with a tutor. It straight up felt like I was hanging out with a friend. It was really friendly. It’s nice because it gives you more respect for that person and it makes you want to listen and hear what they have to say more.

Why do you think places like BrainBoost are important?
It gives you a chance to be yourself and discover who you are.