Improv with Allie – Classroom A

Senior (14-18): Mondays 3-4

Junior (10-14): Thursdays 3-4

Through games and exercises, students in the Improv sections will explore activities that will lower your shoulders, give you belly laughs and will let you know yourself and your peers better. Utilizing activities form her years of experience as a seasoned improv comedian Allie will help you learn how to gain the attention of a room and how to surprise an audience. Experienced dramatists and those brand new to theatresports are welcome to join this group of playful improvisationists.

Craft Lab with Peter – Classroom B

3-4 Mondays 

Target age: 10+

Check your stress at the door, and get your hands busy. Make cool stuff with Peter and learn crafty skills that you can take with you anywhere. From seasonal crafts to personal projects, Peter will lead you through a variety of creations that will exercise your crafting muscles and expose you to different artistic techniques that will broaden your expressionistic tool kit.

Philosophy with Markie – Classroom A

3-4 Tuesdays

Target age: 12+

Think about life’s big questions with Markie. From practical real-life ethical quandaries to more hypothetical discussions about general existence, this class will cover every and all topics concerned with our existence. Music videos, readings and questions that will boggle your mind, and encourage you to think in new ways about the world and our place in it.

Board Games with John – Kitchen

3-4 Tuesdays

Target age: 8-14

Allow yourself to be playful and curious through tabletop games. John will teach you new games and show you the winning strategies of Settler, Magic, Operation, Werewolf and many more. Not only will you and John explore the vast world of board games, but you’ll also venture into other types of role-playing games and possibly a video game or two…

Science in the News with Martin – Classroom A

3-4 Wednesdays

Target age: 10+

Learn about the newest discoveries and scientific marvels! From the frontiers of science, you’ll explore controversial issues and new ideas that make us all think about the evolving world we’re embedded in. Martin will blow your mind with a diverse sample of developments happening in the world, providing you with cutting edge news and research, and maybe a demonstration or two!

Snack Attack with Rachel – Kitchen

3-4 Wednedays

Target age: 10+

Join Brainboost masterchef Rachel as she works with students to devise Brainboost’s snack menu that ticks all the delicious boxes. From seasonal treats to classics, Rachel will not only guide you on what are easy, efficient choices for snack, she’ll also delve into the nutrition we get from various foods and impact they have on our day to day dietary needs.

Sports and Exercise with David – Classroom B

3-4 Thursdays

Target age: 10+

No matter what your outlet for physical activity is, David will take you on an exposee of all things related to sport. Exploring the theory, strategy and training required for different sports and physical endeavors, you’ll learn new outlets for getting regular fitness and improve on the skills you’ve already ventured into. Whether it’s the cold rain of winter or the bright shine of the summer, David will lead you on a comfortable voyage each week into different avenues that cover “all the bases”!

Maker Lab with Martin and Peter – Classroom B

3-4 Fridays

Target Age: 12+

Is there anything you’ve wanted to construct but don’t quite know how to execute it in reality? Combining Martin’s love of engineering with Peter’s artistic energy, students in Friday Maker Lab will construct a diversity of things from personal projects to things meant for the Brainboost Community as a whole. From painting murals to constructing giant Jenga sets, participants in Maker Lab will be busy using their hands to create a variety of things throughout the year, so bring your creativity and join us in the lab! 


How much does it cost?
Clubs are charged on your Study Space pass or you can drop-in for $35.00/hour

What are the dates?
Full Year: September 11th – June 14th

What ages is it appropriate for?

Contact us to sign up