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Phil’s Music Club is available to students who are interested in learning, playing and exploring anything and everything to do with music, sounds and audio media. Students of all abilities and levels of experience are welcome to play, listen, write and critique music of all genres from classical to contemporary, and from advertising jingles to mega movie soundtracks. Club members will have the opportunity to play instruments, write digital musical scores and learn the key to what makes a specific genre. As an experienced musician, Phil offers a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm that brings music to life.  For students wishing to improve their own skills, develop new ones or simply explore the vast and varied world of musical culture, this club is for you!

Your Educator – Phil Staines

Philip spent his teenage years in Vancouver dreaming of stardom before moving to London to pursue a career in the music business as a professional drummer. He worked as a session musician before embarking on a full time recording and worldwide touring pathway. It was during this time that he developed a taste for film making. He then gained a Bachelor of Arts Honors Degree in Film and Video at the London College of Printing going on to work as a broadcast editor, cutting documentary programs and television commercials.

Philip always had a desire to become a teacher and in 2010 completed a post graduate program in education at the University of London. During the course, he became interested in the Praxis curriculum model, an approach to teaching that incorporates experiential learning scenarios. In 2011, he began working at one of the Britain’s top performing state schools teaching digital creative media. He built a successful department before returning to Vancouver in 2019.

Philip likes to indulge in cinema, jazz, classic and alternative literature and playing the drums.

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When is it?


3:15 -4:00 pm

What are the dates?
All year: September 7th-June 17th

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To be eligible for credit for this class, students must be enrolled in an accredited distance learning program.
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