Carolyn Jepson

Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Carolyn has lived and explored across Canada. She has an honours bachelor’s degree in Arts and Science from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario where she focused on pre-med sciences. She moved to Vancouver in 2017 to pursue a Master of Public Health at UBC with a focus on epidemiology, bio-statistics and social determinants of health.

Carolyn is passionate about equity and the social, cultural and economic intersections where education happens. Teaching has been a natural part of her life from an early age and she has taught many different students over the years. She is passionate about working with students in math and science to reduce anxiety and help them develop positive dialogues around their own learning and abilities. Carolyn lives for the light bulb moments when students realize they are more capable than they previously thought.

In her spare time, you can find Carolyn knitting, trying new recipes, at any kind of movie or concert, visiting friends across the country, or cuddling with her geriatric cat.