So many of our daily activities and interactions are structured by programming.

Knowledge of programming, even at a basic level, can be very helpful for children and adults alike! Starting at a young age helps students build up problem solving skills, logical thinking, and makes future maths and science classes easier to understand. For older students, programming opens doors to a multitude of different careers and can help you automate your day-to-day life.

In sessions I keep things project based and work on skills through actually making cool stuff. Previous students have learned to make a text adventure game, making new ones in Unity 3D, or finding out if a certain number is prime. We might also figure out a way to use programming to help you with other schoolwork, such as by writing a program to do the quadratic formula for us! Together with the student, we decide on a goal guided by the student?s interests. Programming can be applied to all sorts of subjects: video games, maths, Minecraft, security, making secret codes, automating tedious tasks, and more.

– Chris Eaton

Anybody who uses a computer regularly and likes puzzles should give programming a try!

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