? ? ? ? ? ? ?The first big unit tests are upon us, and that means that it is seriously study time in our Study Space. Our Study Space teachers, Markie and Caitlin,?will help you set up a plan for how to get your work done, be it test prep, a major project, an essay or just something you want to understand. It is a space for last minute homework and a space for when you wanna go that extra mile.

? ? ? ? ? ? ?While you are the head honcho of the work, our Study Space team is always ready to problem-solve and guide you when you are stuck. Not only is Study Space useful for getting your work done in an encouraging environment, Study Space is also sneaky: you learn how to structure your work in efficient ways that create solid study habits for the future.

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? ? ? ? ? ? ? This fall we are bringing back our Golden Tickets!?Collect them from a tutor, pass them on to friends. Bring a ticket to Study Space and you receive a free trial of a work-positive power hour (Oompa Loompas not included).

? ? ? ? ? ? ? On October 15th, we amp it up and open Study Space?on Saturdays too, with Eric at the helm!?The morning is a great time to come in and work with Markie (9-11AM) as the space is quiet and unoccupied or after school in the early evening with Caitlin (4.30-6). Come on by and let us help you get the most of your learning agenda!?

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Study Space is open?Monday-Thursday 9-6, Friday 10-4, &?Saturday 12-3*
*Saturday Study Space open October 15th