Dear Families,

The coronavirus COVID-19 is impacting the world in unprecedented ways – we hope that all of you are well and keeping safe. There is no question that this is a time of great uncertainty. We are dealing with public measures most of us have not seen in our lifetime and we are all called on to share in the global responsibility to protect the public health.

We want to assure you that the team at BrainBoost is wholeheartedly committed to providing the students and you with educational stability and seamless access to continuity of learning once Spring Break ends.

We are well positioned and ready to move all booked programming to a virtual space with video and sound (depending on your preference). Many of our educators are experienced in delivering virtual sessions as they have previously worked with students who were out of the country or otherwise unable to attend BrainBoost in person. Our educator team will be supported by the Case Managers and HR to ensure consistency and quality of service.

BrainBoost remains committed to providing students with the best education services available. We are in contact with DL Schools and are keeping up-to-date with all Public Health and Ministry of Education communication. We will do all we possibly can to support your child in maintaining their engagement with learning, curiosity and the relationship they have built with their educator. Our students are uniquely positioned to experience as little disruption as possible to their education experience and goals.

Given current public health recommendations, we expect to be physically closed starting March 30th and ready to deliver all of our regular educational programming to students online. If for whatever reason you think that your child will want to either increase or decrease their scheduled programming please contact us to discuss. We are available every day throughout Spring Break to work with you to ensure that education remains a priority in your child?s life during this time.

Please contact your Case Manager Jessy ( or Chris ( if you have any questions.? We are thinking of all of you and wishing you and yours health and wellness. Take care of yourselves and one another.


Everyone at BrainBoost