BrainBoost Education is deeply committed to the wellbeing of students, their families and staff. Today this means protecting the health and safety of everyone by preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Coping with the pandemic continues to be challenging and there are many unknowns. What we do know is that we are here to support the students and that our community of learners has remained strong.??

Currently our program remains online and students are actively engaged with their learning, guided and encouraged by the educators. When it became necessary, BrainBoost moved seamlessly from the physical to the online environment with educators and case managers demonstrating the creativity, adaptability, skill and support that distinguish the learning culture at BrainBoost.? For some students the online experience has proven so successful that BrainBoost will continue to offer the option even once full time in-person learning commences again.

Our Administration Office is open and we have taken steps to ensure that the physical environment is informed by the most recent COVID-19 safety standards. We have formulated our enhanced protocols and procedures in our thorough COVID-19 Policy which is posted at BrainBoost and further? details the following:??

  1. Anyone entering BrainBoost will:
  • Maintain 6 feet physical distance at all times
  • Wear a PPE (mask) in every instance where physical distancing is not possible
  • Practice good hand hygiene upon entering and while in the space??
  • Practice good respiratory etiquette??
  • Ensure that they will not enter BrainBoost if they have any symptoms of a cold, flu or COVID-19
  1. BrainBoost has:
  • Reconfigured the physical space for physical distancing and posted occupancy limits
  • Provided hand sanitizer throughout the space?
  • Increased cleaning and disinfecting frequency???
  • Engaged in COVID-19 awareness, education and training for all staff
  • Engaged in ongoing evaluation and updating of the COVID-19 Policy??

Please contact us at 604.723.0904 or for further information about learning at BrainBoost Education. We look forward to hearing from you!?