This summer?I?m looking for 5 players to join me in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign?that will run for three weeks from July 6 – July 24 at?1:00-3:00, for $250 per week.

I?ve seen it at coffee shops, bus stops, restaurants, and even concerts: dozens of people staring at one type of screen or another while the world passes them by. We?re all guilty of it. From computers to phones, there are seemingly endless amounts of digital distractions that have come to rule our lives. ?Don?t get me wrong – I love a good computer game and have plowed through seasons of TV shows in a weekend. But while we immerse ourselves in our virtual worlds, we neglect the old analog skills that got us to this point. I found that as my time became increasingly monopolized by screens, I needed a haven of imagination and creativity. I needed an activity that encouraged me to be present, to collaborate with my friends, and to practice empathy. What I needed was Dungeons and Dragons.

Seriously, when was the last time that you sat down and dedicated 2-4 hours of your day to creative problem solving with a group of people that didn?t involve a computer? Take this scenario for example: you come upon a crumbling watchtower manned by a ragtag group of bandits. What do you do? Try to reason with them? Pass by unnoticed? Attack straight out, or come up with a crazy idea to distract the bandits and then take the tower? All of these answers are equally acceptable in Dungeons and Dragons. The only limit is your own imagination, and the cooperation of your party.

We?ll hone our improvisational skills, practice creativity and apply techniques for persuasion and empathy. We?ll build friendships, banish enemies and topple cities, using only pencils, paper and the power of our minds. It’s going to be epic.

– Lauren Bell