With 13 years of teaching experience, Rhonda knows how to get you through the hard stuff! She specializes in Montessori teaching,?Math 6-12, Science 6-10, Chemistry 11, and Biology 11/12. When she?s not busy blowing your mind, or blowing up things in chemistry, Rhonda enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. The happiest you?ll find Rhonda is in the middle of a Venn diagram, between rollercoasters and the beach.

You can join Rhonda for sessions on Tuesday evenings and all day Saturday!

What is the most exciting part about teaching science/math?
I love teaching Math and Science because it is all around us and we use it often without even knowing! Many people think Math and Science are hard so I love helping them see how cool and easy it is! There are more options in how you choose to explore and teach science, while math can be more rigid and formulated. I like teaching math because it pushes me to be more creative in finding ways to teach it!?

What is your teaching style?
My style is student driven! I love learning about your interests and skills to build on them and make the course more meaningful to your life.?I had never seen myself as a teacher but started working in schools to support children with special abilities 13 years ago and then never left! I love spending my time with children and adolescents as they teach me so much everyday!!

Why do you think tutoring on a Saturday is helpful for students?
Saturday is awesome because it’s laid back, the kitchen is never crowded and you don’t have to worry about getting home for bedtime on a weeknight! It gives your mind some down time instead of coming for tutoring after an already hectic day of school!!