Get to know our newest member to the Study Space team and the Saturday Study Space master, Eric!

How did you get into teaching?

After my first year of University finished, I decided to sign up to become a peer tutor. Very soon after joining the tutoring team at my university, I realized that I really enjoy helping people understand concepts and ideas. Before this experience I had never really considered teaching as a potential profession.

What do you love about teaching math &?science?
My favourite thing about teaching mathematics &?science is the feeling I get when I am able to help a student understand something that they were completely confused about before (and maybe even convinced they would never be able to understand!). Watching this transformation in people is something I find extremely fulfilling, and it’s the overwhelming reason I love getting up for work in the morning.

What do you like about teaching in study space?
When I’m working in Study Space?I am able to help students with a variety of different subjects, not just math and science. I have a liberal arts background, so I do know quite a bit about writing, public speaking, and other more arts-focused subjects. I have spent a considerable amount of time writing essays and preparing presentations. I know what good academic writing should look like and am very comfortable working from a question prompt all the way to a finished, polished essay. The same is true with public speaking. With both writing and presenting, there are certain things you should do and certain things you shouldn’t, and I can help students in identifying what they are doing right and what they need to work on.?I enjoy how study space offers me the opportunity to get to use these other parts of my brain!

Saturdays are for fun! Why should a student come to study space on a Saturday?
A student should come into study space if they need the extra help and would like to come work in a more chilled-out setting.?Students should?know that my approach to study space isn’t all about work – I like to have fun too, just like we all do!

Join Eric for Saturday Study Space starting on October 15th!?