It?s June! It is hard to believe that almost an entire school year has passed, but then looking back, we seem to have filled it with lots of learning and memories. Our students have made portfolios full of analog and digital photography, mixed electronic beats, nurtured the community with their delicious cooking, pondered about Othello and learned the austere beauty of mathematics. We are proud of our curious, compassionate students and their accomplishments!

Learning at BrainBoost engages the entire mind, and when you come back in September we will show you how. New in September are our Life Labs for high school. Every Wednesday, our high school students will have their weekly anchoring point, with either Chris D (grade 10), Markie (grade 11) or Michaela (grade 12). In LifeLabs, students will cover mandatory credits, like Planning 10, PE 10 and Graduate Transitions, but perhaps more importantly, students will have a forum for topics like stress management, mental health, sex, work organization and well being.

Beyond the daytime program, we are also offering a Saturday Math program. Our Saturday Pre-Calc 12 starts in September with classes twice a week. Join us for a smaller class size and more detailed instruction. We are also excited to announce our new after school Pod: Economics 12 with Markie Giammarino! Dive head first into the concepts and philosophy?around how the economy drives our world.

As always, you can rely on BrainBoost for fun and exciting after school tutoring in any subject. If that doesn’t work for you, you can also drop by our Study Space for homework help and organization tips.?

?Thank you for a great year – we look forward to seeing you in September!

For closer descriptions, check out the course catalogue, posters around the HUB or our website.