Our Independent Studies Pod is off and running!

BrainBoost veteran Emily Cooley assists students in their exploration of areas that interest them. Through research, discussion and writing, students are discovering the connection between fashion and social issues, video games and real life collaboration, and the politics of food. Recently, the class ventured to the Rare Books Collection at UBC for a field trip to hold history in their hands. Among the stacks the students encountered some of the rarest books and maps in the world, and they were in awe of unique books like an Alice in Wonderland illustrated by the incredible Salvador Dali. There are still vestiges of knowledge in this world that are not available by staring at a screen – our IDS students are both making and uncovering this knowledge together.

The IDS Pod runs Mondays from 4:15 – 6:15!
Join us in Term two to explore any of your interests and ideas!