? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?From providing diapers for families in need during the Winter Holiday to releasing 55 healthy salmon, BrainBoost had one of its best years in making a difference in the community. We started the school year by raising funds for groups like the Malala Fund, Sheway, Big Brothers, and Doctors Without Borders. In addition, our daytime classes donated old school supplies to the Writers’ Network and made custom hampers for three Vancouver families over the Holidays. To finish off the year, we shifted towards a mind-centric outreach, with programs ranging from mood art to music therapy happening around BrainBoost.

???????????????Next year, we’ll be doing some of the same activities as well as some new ones. If you have a suggestion for a cause, activity, awareness campaign, let us know so we can integrate them into our plans next year! Thanks to everyone who helped contribute this year and we look forward to an exciting philanthropic school year in 2015-16.

– Markie Giammarino